A One Hour Session

A one hour session is great for basic Chakra clearing and balancing, a quick boost of energetic support, and stress relief.

Regular commitment to your inner journey and this work, is what creates long lasting, positive results. Each session may include one or more of the unique offerings on my About page. 


An Hour In A Half Session

With more time in a session, we are able to dive deeper into the roots of  of your old consciousness and it's related patterns,in order to release, heal, and shift you on all levels of your being. More time, allows for greater release of tension held in the nervous system, which then allows the bodies natural healing capabilities to take over more easily. It gives you more space to explore, ask questions, and enjoy the process. 

Statue of Indian Goddess

A Two Hour Session

A two hour session would be geared towards becoming more intimately focused, deeply discussing the unique challenges, and desires that you have, and working with one at time to create lasting shifts. It would provide you with more tools, greater insight and support in growing and healing. More time means deeper healing. Each session, would also be a source of rest, rejuvenation, and illumination. Which is super important on the healing journey, especially in this busy world. 

Reiki Trainings

A Reiki training is the journey of going through the required trainings and initiations in becoming a practitioner and healer to the Usui System Of Healing. You learn the symbols, how to use them, and how to attune others. You also learn how to step more fully into your power, discovering more of your unique gifts, and how to work with the energies that are life. 


Danae Marlene Smith

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