Reiki Trainings

Many people naturally begin the journey of researching Reiki not understanding the difference between a Reiki session, and a Reiki Training.

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A Reiki Session is the process of allowing and receiving the flow of Reiki to move through you on your behalf, through a Reiki Practitioner for healing, support, growth, and transformation of old patterns, wounds, and toxic habits that no longer serve your souls greater expression and desire. Reiki moves beyond time and space, through all levels of your BEing to gently shift, open, balance and align your energy in the direction of your Soul led dreams and visions. 

A Reiki Training is the process of becoming attuned to the energy of Reiki. Going on the sacred journey of becoming a Reiki Pracitioner yourself. We are all conduits of energy,through our experiences in life from the time we are born, our energy often gets blocked and distorted for many reasons, that inhibit the organic flow of our souls essence, divine blue print, and purpose for being here. An attunement powerfully helps to clear and integrate these blocks and distortions in our energy so that we may be brought into alignment with our deepest truth and wisdom, thus becoming even greater conduits of healing energy for others. Often our own path becomes a source of embodied wisdom, compassion, and understanding for the people we will work with, and their own personal healing journey. 

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Why Go Through The Reiki Training Process 

Choosing to Become A Reiki Practitioner is more than just adding another modality to your list of accomplishments. It is truly a Sacred path, one that when walked with heart and intention becomes a journey of initiation into your own Souls highest wisdom and truth. It is a path of empowerment in who it is you already are, but may have forgotten. It is a choice, that must be guided from with in, a calling to move beyond previous preconcieved limits imposed on you by a reality that was never meant to be where you stayed. It is developing a conscious relationship with your Heart, Mind, Soul and Body, with Source itself, and the Great Mystery that is ever unfolding. Merging Heaven and Earth. Spirit and Matter through Grace.

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Create A Life That You Love

There are Three Levels of Reiki

  • Reiki 1

  • Reiki 2

  • Reiki 3

In Reiki 1 You Will 

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Planting The Seeds

  • Learn What Reiki Is

  • Learn The History Of Reiki

  • Learn How To Allow, and Feel The Flow Of Reiki Through You

  • Learn The Reiki Hand Positions

  • Plant The Seeds Of Your Own Unique Relationship With Reiki And The Reiki Masters

  • Develop Your Gifts, And Intuition Further. 

  • Recieve Personal Healings, Activations, And Personal Experiences That Are Powerful And Meaningful For You. 

  • Have In Depth One On One Time With Me, For Guidance, Support, And Teaching

  • Other Suprise Gifts To Support You On Your Journey

  • Receive An Attunement Each Time We Meet.

In Reiki 2 You Will 

  • Learn Three Of Your Reiki Symbols

  • Learn To Feel The Unique Energy Of Each Symbol And Develop Your Own Unique Relationship With Each Of Them

  • Learn How To Do Long Distance Reiki

  • Continue To Develop Your Relationship With Reiki

  • Continue To Develop Your Intuition and Personal Gifts

  • Have In Depth One On One Time With Me For Guidance, Support and Continued Teaching

  • Become More Confident And Empowered In Your Abilities

  • Recieve Attunements Each Time We Meet.

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Nurturing The Growth

In Reiki Master You Will

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Blossoming Through Your Commitment

  • Receive The Reiki Master Symbol

  • Learn How To Attune Others To Reiki

  • Learn How To Host Your Own Reiki Trainings

  • Get To Practice Giving And Receiving, And Ask Questions Developing Confidence And Trust In Yourself

  • Have In Depth One On One Time With Me For Guidance, Support and Continued Teaching

  • Receive Attunements Each Time We Meet.

Becoming A Reiki Master is a huge honor and requires commitment, courage, and strength, and it should be celebrated when it is reached. However in many ways this isn't the end, it is yet another beginning to a whole new chapter of your life experience and soul journey. 

Do You Feel The Call To Go On This Journey With Me?

In my years of personal experience on my own journey, and in working with others, I have found that it is extremely important to give an appropriate amount of time, effort, and support to each person through every level of Reiki Training. 


Just like a plant, each person has a set of unique needs, requirements, and sensitivities that need care, in order to grow and flourish. To rush the process is a disservice to the persons journey, and the divine timing that is required for the unfolding of the healing, transformation, and growth that is on each individuals path and for the seeds of Reiki to take firm roots in a persons life. 


For that reason, I offer a unique Reiki Training Package for each level of Reiki.

We would meet a Total of 4 times for each Reiki Level of Training. And we would meet once a month, for four hours each time.