Something To Know If You Are New To The World Of Energy

The world of energy is amazing, and extremely empowering, and clarifying. I believe that it is the foundation of life, and when you come into this world of energy, you are actually just coming back to who you are, and relearning, or remembering how to move through the world based on a very natural part of who you have always been.

The thing is, when we learn to "see" the world through energy, a lot of things begin to change. We begin to see and know more clearly what is going on with in and around us, which makes it far more difficult to be manipulated or used.

You see this ability to "see" energy, is a skill, and a powerful tool. It can be cultivated and grown like a muscle. I believe it is one of the most powerful assets we have, especially in a rapidly growing world of information, manipulation, and control.

One of the most important things to know, is that no matter where you go, what ever group of people you resonate with, it is always important to maintain a solid connection to your own inner guidance system. Your guidance system meaning your ability to feel energy.

Even with the most well intentioned people, it is important to learn how to trust your OWN sense of things. Even if you find that you agree with someone, after you feel through it yourself, it is important that your point of view, comes from your own inner guidance. This is part of being grounded in yourself, and maintaining confidence in your decisions.

It is also vital to practice this because far too often, we easily assume that because someone is spiritual, or a part of a certain group, or belief system, that that means they are inherently safe and trustworthy. But the truth is, there will always be people, in any group, that wont be safe or have your best interest at heart.

It also gets more complex then that when you get down to it, because, no one is ALL good, or ALL bad. So even if someone is safe, and has your best interest at heart, they are still human, and will have their own unconscious patterns they are healing and working through and if you give your power of discernment away to them, you set yourself and the other person up for possible disappointment and pain. At the very least, it will lead to some frustrations over time.

No one, no matter how amazing they are, how much wisdom they are able to share, or how many people follow them, is perfect, or will ever be able to take the place of you stepping into your own power. And your power is in being able to trust your guidance and interpretation of energy.

We are each so absolutely unique, like a finger print, so not a single one of us will interpret the energy of a person or situation the same. And if you try to go by someone else's interpretation, you might not go in the direction YOU are meant to go.

Because we are often taught and conditioned to follow the crowd, to listen to someone else, to someone else that has "more authority" than us, it can be difficult to claim this for ourselves, for these reasons and many others.

I believe that a true teacher or leader never guides you to follow them, but guides you back to YOURSELF, again and again, and encourages you to trust what YOU feel, and shows you that it is safe to find that, even if it winds up looking different then them and what they "see."

So the important thing I wanted you to know if you are knew to this world of energy, or maybe you just haven't heard this, is that your own inner guidance is the most important to cultivate, and to never allow that to be given away to another, no matter what role they play, or how powerful they seem.

They aren't powerful because they know more then you, or because they know more than you can, they are powerful because they are connecting with their own guidance and truth, that is what they mirror to you. And you can absolutely have that. It is your birth right. But you have to be willing to let go of the edge of needing validation, or needing to be understood to feel like you are right or ok.

Sure, validation will come, and it will be amazing, especially when you are first learning to trust yourself, but eventually, you will have to learn to swim on your own.

You got this!

Your Thundering Butterfly

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Danae Marlene Smith

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