Initation Of Isis

The Initation Of Isis is a sacred Journey that I have hand crafted  to help you deeply ground, shift your energy, and empower yourself through learning to connect to and honor the rhythyms of your own flow.  

Have you been feeling stuck and frustrated about working to shift your circumstances, but not seeing the results you are desiring?

Do you have difficulty grounding and being present?

Do you desire to feel more embodied and empowered?

Do you crave deeper awakening of your own connection to your Soul and Source Energy?

Do you have a desire to work with the Archetypal energies of the Goddess, in order to awaken them with in you, and apply their wisdom into your life?

Have you been looking for a guide/mentor to take you on a journey of healing and growth?

Yes?! Then I invite you to step into this potent container with me, as you begin your journey of connecting to the Archetypal energies of Isis, for deep transformation, empowerment, and wisdom. 

The Wisdom Of Isis

I have found that Isis tends to call forward Souls, who have experienced deep levels of trauma that have caused sever fragmentation in one's energy field, along with profound Soul Loss. 

Many people who have experienced sexual abuse, rape, and childhood trauma may be called to work with Isis at some point in their journeys. 

Isis contains the wisdom of resurrection, of remembering the feeling of wholeness no matter what you have been through, and how to alchemize and transform your experiences into fuel for spiritual growth, and embodied wisdom. 

Isis guides your Soul, to remember who you are at the deepest levels. She guides you on how to reclaim the lost parts of yourself, and how to lovingly bring them back home to the temple of your own heart. 

She teaches you how to feel empowered again and how to wield that power with clarity and truth . 

She guides you on how to overcome feeling victimized and powerless. 

She helps you to reclaim the feelings of innocence and purity that may have felt lost or been rejected through certain life experiences. 

She teaches you how to look inwards towards your shadows, and to face them with courage, grace, and unconditional love and fierce discernment and wisdom. 

She shows you how to resurrect yourself from the abyss of your own darkness. 

With in this container you will 

Learn about Isis, her story, and connect with the consciousness of Isis through your own experience and learn what this process feels like, so that you are empowered to explore this new connection and others like it on your own with confidence and trust. 

Receive personal insights, guidance, and healing, through the loving wisdom of Isis and your Higher Self. 

Go on a consciously crafted, intentional journey of discovering your patterns and blocks in order to deeply shift and release them.

Go on channeled guided meditations to the Temple Of Isis.

Learn the embodied experience of shifting internal patterns of energies, how it feels and moves through you, so that you may carry it forward, feeling empowered in your own ability to heal and align with your heart and souls true desires. 

Feel more connected to yourself, your power, your passion, and life force than ever before! 

Receive an energetic Initiation from Isis, called forward by your own Soul. 

Receive guidance, tools and support from me, as I hold space for you on your journey. I will share my wisdom from years of personal exprience, I will answer questions as they arise, and be there as a mentor. 

Are You Feeling Excited and Ready to say YES to Yourself?!

I am excited and ready to guide you!

 The important details to know:

We Will Be Meeting a Total of Three Times! Once per month.

Each Time We Meet, It Will Be For Three Hours.

This Transformational Journey Is


$377, Each Time We Meet. 




If you pay for all three sessions up front you will save $99! 

That is $1,032 Today.

A total of $33 saved on each session! 

Do you feel this journey calling the sacred essence of your Soul? Do you feel lit up, ignited, and excited about the energy of this container as you read this?

Then Book Here To Begin Your Journey and Sacred Initiation Of Isis

I would like to pay for

one session at a time

I would like to pay for all 

three right now!

We can schedule to meet in person at my current practitoiner space out of Celestial Awakenings in Vancouver, WA. and, Portland, OR. 


We can schedule these as zoom sessions for your convenience. 

Both are just as potent and transformational.

Each session must be paid for, in full, atleast a week before your scheduled time. Unless of course, you have decided to pay in full.

Cancellations will not be eligible for refunds, but they can be rescheduled, as long as they are respectfully communicated at least a week before your initial session.  

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Vancouver, WA, USA