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A Little About Me


I have been practicing Reiki for almost 9 years now. I first began my journey seeking support and understanding of my own personal journey and through seeking healing from the effects of childhood trauma and sexual abuse.
I have two daughters that have inspired me to keep going, keep me grounded, and teach me so much.
I have been married, divorced, and estranged from my whole family of origin from needing space to heal. 
I have been broken down, and broken open from the effects of  Trauma. 
I have taken leaps of faith, not knowing how life would catch me, but it always has.
All of my life experiences have taught me how to self heal and transform.
And they continue to do so. 
I have worked with many modalities and used many tools, such as EFT, Breath Work, Mirror Work, Ritual, Art Therapy, Sexual Empowerment, Meditation, Sound Healing, Color Therapy, Talk Therapy, Journaling, Shadow Work, and so many others.

What I have learned, is that healing is a multifaceted process, and needs a multifaceted approach. There is no time frame, or finality to this journey. 
When you go through something as life changing as trauma, it is just that, life changing.

The goal, isn't about going back to who you were before the trauma, that is impossible.
It is about learning how to move forward again even if that's slowly. Its about learning how to regulate your nervous system, and how to process the emotions and beliefs created, related to the trauma. 
It is about learning to trust yourself again. And you can. 

It is about learning how to feel the power of your core again, the part of you that is always sovereign and empowered to create and destroy. 
Sometimes the beliefs and emotions we are transforming, aren't related to trauma, but were formed from the people around us, our families, communities and the world or media. 
Beliefs and emotions that aren't truly in alignment with our truth, or what we want to experience and create.
And life is created and experienced based on what we CHOOSE to believe. 
So many of these beliefs we experience life through, aren't beliefs that we consciously chose. 
Whether through trauma, or just normal life experiences, we can all reclaim greater clarity, empowerment, and alignment in harnessing our creative life force energy and focus. 
And I would love to help you find that for yourself. 




What I Offer


I offer through my sessions, the healing, tools, support and wisdom I have learned from other teachers, and from what I  have remembered from with in my own soul and the guidance I receive from Spirit.
Each session unfolds authentically in the moment, based on the needs of the client and divine guidance. 

 This includes but is not limited to:



Reiki Trainings

Intuitive/Psychic Readings

Channeled Information

Energy Balancing/Clearing

Soul Retrievals

Inner Child Healing

Emotional Empowerment 

DNA Activations

Ancestral Clearing

Shadow Work

Balancing The Masculine And Feminine

Home And Land Clearings/Blessings

Mentorship Packages


If you have any questions on what these things are, and how they work please feel free to ask. 

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You can schedule a session specifically to receive and experience one of these individually, or you can allow a session to be guided by your higher self and the wisdom of the Universe, which may naturally include one or more of these together. There is no wrong way. Trust what calls you. You can always ask more questions if you would like to understand more about anything I offer.

To Schedule now Call or Text 360-831-8951.
I am available for phone sessions, and in person at Celestial Awakenings.
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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."



Danae Marlene Smith

Reclaim Your Power, Remember Your wisdom, Unlock Your Infinite Potential