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You can schedule a session specifically to receive and experience one of these individually, or you can allow a session to be guided by your higher self and the wisdom of the Universe, which may naturally include one or more of these together. There is no wrong way. Trust what calls you. You can always ask more questions if you would like to understand more about anything I offer.

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I offer through my sessions, the healing, tools, support and wisdom I have learned from other teachers, and have remembered from with in my own soul, along my  journey of awakening. Each session unfolds authentically in the moment, based on the needs of the client and divine guidance. 


This includes but is not limited to:


Reiki Trainings and Personal Sessions:


Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing modality. Reiki means "Spiritually guided life force energy" As a practitioner I become a conduit for the wisdom of the Universe, to flow through me and guide me where and how to direct its healing energy.

A session would look like simply receiving the benefits of Reiki, which is great for things like stress relief, emotional healing, anxiety, depression, physical pain, and supporting the transformation of blocked energy in the system that prevent you from living your fullest spiritual expression.

There really are no limits to what Reiki can help with, these are just a few to give you some ideas, as you get to understand and know more about Reiki. An Attunement/Training prepares you to become a practitioner yourself and is a deeply sacred and empowering journey that brings you into your truth and power in a balanced and harmonious way. 

Soul Retrievals 


We all experience trauma through life, and what a trauma is to me, is any experience that is too intense on a mental, emotional, physical, and or spiritual level for an individual to fully process at the time. When this happens a piece of our soul, our life force energy, splits off and holds the energy of the experience "separate", while the rest of our consciousness moves forward and continues to live.

This is a very intelligent mechanism, but at some point, when we are ready, it will be time to retrieve the lost soul piece, and to finally finish processing and integrating the wisdom from the initial experience into the wholeness of our being, while also reclaiming the authentic aspect of our Self that was held with it. This requires having the tools, awareness and support in our lives, that we didn't when the trauma first occurred.

Sometimes Soul retrievals integrate smoothly and unfold new possibilities in our lives almost effortlessly, other times we will find emotions frozen in time that need to be felt and we will need to take more time, effort and self care to integrate. Both are powerful and unique parts of the journey to reclaiming ourselves and living our deepest truth and most fulfilling expression.

DNA Activations


You come into this world with your DNA encoded with the blueprint of your soul, your unique gifts, and remembrance of your divine purpose for this lifetime, as well the codes many of us elected to bring forward to seed the consciousness of a new humanity and way of being . A DNA activation helps bring these codes online, so they can take root and actualize through the physical body and conscious awareness. They can only be activated when you are ready, and when you are ready, you will feel the call deep with in your soul.

Activation simply requires your permission, and using intention, energy, and often higher dimensional divine beings that I work with to guide the process, to turn the codes you are ready for, on. Sometimes, through your own intuition, and mine, we will know what is being activated right away, other times it may unfold over time. Again, on this journey you will get to experience a wide spectrum of things, and ways of experiencing those things altogether. It is a rich journey, full of nuances and paths to travel on, inside and out. You are your own gift to unwrap.

Ancestral Clearing


We are starting to understand through science and concepts like epigenetics, that through our DNA we carry the memories and experiences of our ancestors. This can effect our ability to create health through the physical body, it can create stuck emotional patterns that are difficult to shift, incessant thought forms and reoccurring traumas that continue to play out generation after generation. We can, with intention, working with our ancestors, higher selves, and practicing deep awareness with compassion, work to clear the patterns of the past, integrate the wisdom, and sow new seeds for ourselves, and future generations.

I like to work with a combination of energy work, intention, divine support, and ritual to heal and shift these patterns. Ritual is a set of actions done with focus and intention, which helps to anchor the energetic work into and through the physical, creating profound and lasting changes. I can guide you on creating your own meaningful ritual through this process, or I can channel through what is being guided for you to do by your own soul, your ancestors, and Source. 


Inner Child Healing


Unfortunately in this current society we experience many different forms of childhood abuse, and we are often taught to "grow up" which usually means being abusive towards or completely cutting ourselves off from the innocent child with in us. But we are not meant to out grow this part of us, we are meant to mature along side it, protect it, parent it, and honor the wisdom inherit in its existence.  Our inner child is the part of us that is intrinsically connected to the purity of our soul, and the joy of being alive.

Doing inner child healing helps to heal the wounds that are still being held and effecting your ability to live freely and find joy, it helps to establish a healthy relationship between your adult self and the inner child inside of you ultimately creating a sense of security and safety that may have been damaged along the journey of life. Soul Retrieval is often intertwined with aspects of the inner child healing journey. 

Shadow Integration


We all have a shadow. My personal opinion is that it is not evil or something to be afraid of. It is your own unrecognized, misunderstood, denied, fearful, parts of your Self, that are seeking to be integrated into the wholeness of your being, of which it is an intrinsic part of. That means becoming curious about them when they reveal themselves to you, learning to embrace them with compassion and unconditional love, and discovering the need they are showing you, that you have and are not recognizing.

Shadow integration is about balance, finding the purity with in not only our light but our dark, what that really means to you, so that you can feel empowered on the path of spiritual expansion. In this work we will bravely and vulnerably dive into the thoughts processes and emotional responses that usually get hidden away, denied or glossed over, out of fear, and bring them into the light of awareness, and hold them in a container of exploration and unraveling. 

Balancing The Masculine And Feminine


This is such an important process for all of us. We are each an equal force of masculine and feminine, negative and positive polarity, and while we each carry them in balance when we are in alignment, the expression of that balance looks different for each of us. In this current societal structure, there has been much damage done around what it means to be a man or a woman, and a lot of distortion and imbalance created, that manifests a lot of pain, confusion, separation, and inability to manifest our highest truth.

The masculine and feminine work with each other, in respect and mutual need and support for the other in order to grow and thrive. When they are in balance, healthy, and connected with in us, we are able to bring our truth in to physical form and create our souls vision and purpose on earth, and brings relationships into our lives that reflect the loving relationship we cultivate with ourselves with these parts of us. 

Womb Clearing/Activation


As women we hold with in our wombs the power to birth not only tiny humans, but new worlds, ideas, visions of a better future. So much of the ancient wisdom that used to be passed down through the women of our ancestal lines have been lost, distorted and forgotten. Womb clearing supports the release and transformation of abuse that we have endured personally as women, for the women in our ancestral lines, and for the future generations. It frees our creative energy up, and opens us up to receive the divine wisdom of the women who support us in spirit and The Goddess herself.

Activating, reclaiming and resurrected the temple of your womb, awakens the codes that as women, each of us carry. It awakens our unique codes and creative expression that only we can walk with and embody. It brings forth the medicine that only we can share. It can help heal our relationship with the sensual nature of our being, that is so vital to feel whole, alive, and fulfilled. It opens up the portal of our life force energy to become even greater conduits for healing, divine self expression, and powerful manifestation. 

 It is deep work, but it is worth it. 

I have been practicing Reiki for almost 8 years now. I first began my journey seeking support and understanding on my own personal journey and through seeking healing of childhood trauma and sexual abuse. I aspire to be as real and vulnerable as is healthy for me, about the unfolding of my  journey, because I believe that it is the rawness of our vulnerability that connects us through our shared human experience, which is often hidden out of fear of being shamed and judged,  that sets us free from the unhealthy expectations of what we have believed is the "right" way to experience being human.


This heals so much deep pain, and sets us free to find joy again, through the authentic human experience in alignment with our Soul. I work closely with Source, My Higher Self, The Goddess, My Ancestors and other beings that have humanities highest and best good at heart,to guide me through my own life adventure, and during sessions with other people. 

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Vancouver, WA, USA